Our Solution


A Debt reduction loan which helps clients settle delinquent debt, creditors reduce losses, and investors earn high returns.

  • Lower debt
  • Affordable payments
  • Higher credit score

At the core of our community is commitment, partnership, and accountability. We are committed to helping those who are ready to break free of debt.

Together we can rebuild stronger. Together we can make a difference.

Let’s look at the numbers

We are passionate about helping people, so using our financial expertise, we have created a new, complete, transparent, and social solution. Social lending has emerged as a viable alternative to traditional banking. It is used to help alleviate poverty in emerging countries, to fund small businesses, and even to help people with good credit reduce their interest rates. Now it’s time to put it to work to help the people who need it most in our own backyard… the vulnerable, financially distressed borrowers who are burdened with debt. Using our collective experience with this social problem, together with our financial expertise and the power of social lending, we have created a financial community that provides a new, smart solution.